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Great High Adventure Gear Gift Ideas


  1. Yaktrax Pro - Get a grip! Ice and snow crunch in the path of these flexible, strap-on traction crampons. Steel coils dig in and grab onto frozen surfaces, keeping you steady as you walk. And the Yaktrax's rubber harnesses stretch to secure tightly on boots and winter-built shoes.
  2. Suunto Core Watch - Don't call the Core a wristwatch. This ruggedized "wrist-top computer" is built to stand up to the elements and spit out data from ocean depths to the literal summit of Mount Everest. Its primary functions-altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, and time-provide the base set of stats needed for Himalayan expeditions, a weekend hike in the woods, and anything in between.
  3. Sea to Summit 'Ultra-Sil' Dry Daypack - It packs small enough to fit on a keychain and unfurls into a full-size pack ready for a hike. That's the magic of the "Ultra-Sil" Dry DayPack, a frameless "sack with straps" that stows away small until you need it. Weighs 3.2 ounces and offers 22 liters of capacity for gear.
  4. Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky - Give your Scouts a taste of the wild-without endangering the population of wild Pacific salmon. This year, clothing-maker Patagonia launched Provisions, a line of wild-salmon jerky that employs "selective-harvest" techniques to ensure long-term healthy fish populations. The delicious smoky flavor comes without a side of guilt.
  5. Petzl Nao Headlamp - Looking at a map in low lighting? Need to shine a spotlight on a distant object in the dark? This headlamp thinks for you with its self-adjusting shine. The NAO's sensors automatically detect when you need 8 lumens or (up to) a blazing 355 lumens in a literal blink-all hands-free.
  6. Black Rock Down Hat - Dubbed the "world's warmest winter hat," this beanie is like a heater for your head. Its construction-a paneled rip-stop nylon fabric stuffed with 900-fill goose down, all machined in Seattle-is of the same caliber seen on high-end "puffy" jackets made for alpine and polar regions.
  7. BioLite Stove - One of the "hottest" gifts of the season, the BioLite stove burns wood and converts ambient heat into usable electricity. A cook pot sits on top. A power module on the side of the stove has a USB port to let you plug in a GPS, phone, or camera for a recharge in the wild.